About BTR

Started by long time friends and DJs; Earl Von Bye and DJ Lithium in 2002, Black Tiger Recordings is known throughout the underground dance music scene for delivering amazing DJ mixes and tracks.

Both DJs have a long history of releasing some of the best known underground mixes of the last 25 years which have made the rounds on various radio stations and podcasts internationally. Black Tiger Recordings also operates its own radio station which has been listed in the iTunes radio station directory before it was actually iTunes Radio. Apple bought it from a small company called Kerbango for placement inside of the iTunes program. You can find the radio station here at www.blacktigerrecordings.com/trance.pls and of course it works with iTunes or Winamp as well as various other players that support shoutcast streams.

In 2013, DJ Lithium and Earl Von Bye finally started producing as a team known as Earl & Majors working to produce remixes of DJ Lithium’s tracks that appeared on Black Tiger Recordings in 2014 digitally and on vinyl. New original tracks are being worked on as well as new production projects started by DJ Lithium including the Mars Resistance Front. Now in 2020 with the Mars Resistance Front project taking off, new material is constantly being worked on by both artists/djs  – no small feat since they live in completely separate countries with totally different production set ups and styles.

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If you want to contact us the best way is through facebook.

And yes, we still press and play vinyl.