Well I had an interesting evening…

This is a conversation between myself and “Bill 3H” Owner of “The Drop” radio – a station I have never heard of ever.  Have you?

First line is Billy 3h, you can probably go from there.If you get lost, generally I use proper capitalization and spelling as much as i can and I certainly have the lesser insulting tone. I’m certainly not suggesting to anyone that they should slit their wrists (like Bill 3h does here in this convo).

So let’s start… remember Bill 3H or Eh (canadian in the extreme sense of jerk thats for sure) is the one who opens the conversation. This was a PM convo between us on facebook.

you’re a fuckin moron

And why is that?

anytime you wanna go toe-to-toe with someone smarter than you, gimme a try.

because I speak the truth?
go for it twinkie

who the fuck are you?
like, who?

I’m DJ Lithium

from where?
k so?

I own Black Tiger Recordings


out of Vancouver

dj whut?



left because that town is fucked

but who?
and what recordings?
you’re no one…
get that in your head

I have done 15 vinyl record releases and DJed in 6 countries

no one knows who yuou are…

who the fuck are you?

you’re no one
stop puking all over facebook
because no one knows who you are

Stop wanking all over the world

get a fuckin life dude
who the fuck

you have no clue who I am because you have no clue

does pk sound know you?
do the shah djs know you?

yes actually they should

you probably do karaoke at a shit hole
and you’re 40


seriously dude

Seriously wanker

doesnt matter

you need to chill the fuck out

you’re wasting your time pissing on my shit

then calm your tits

watch for the drops logo at shows in vancouver
we’re real
not like you

no one cares about your maple leaf fuck up flag waving
its tacky

1400+ people do

as in lacks tasteful respect

thanks for coming out
but your argument is invalid

I no longer live in Vancouver
the scene there is bullshit

dont care

filled with flakes

i would hope that
i bet you had to leave because no one took you seriously

vancouver island, victoria
all flakes and hippies

that’s why your so famous and everyone knows your name
dj lithium

its funny you bring up the shah brothers

you obviously dont know the shah djs

that whole crew

dont spew
you’re gonna embarass yourself
you’ve already embarassed yourself enough

how long have you been be in this so-called “scene”

you really have
anything further sir?
anything else you wanna complain about?

because if its more than 20 seconds you would know that no one gives a fuck about flag waving on a flyer

what else, about the west coast scene is bullshit?
im gonna make sure about 2000 people see this convo
so spit it all out

See thats exactly what I’m talking about

and what else?
tell me what upsets you sweetie

so-called fuckers in the vancouver trance family can’t take the heat when called out for being a bunch of jack asses

and what else sweetie?

“family” fuck you

trance, lol…

you are a bunch of elitist pricks

what else sweetheart?
and then?

Sweet heart?

no wonder you dont live in Van anymore…

you seem to be confused

yes sweetheart… what else?

IF you are going to try and be a smart as at least put some effort into it.
but if this is your normal way of being, then you have proved my point.
The greatest station in the world… please…..

let me make one thing clear.. .after this 10 minute conversation with you, its clear to me that im a lot smarter than you, and i have way more connections than you could ever dream of having. im going to ask around ALL my west coast contacts to find out who DJ Lithium is… wanna make a bet? i bet no one fuckin knows who you are, because you are a pretentious wedding DJ who never took the time to learn the true art of DJing, and therefore was never able to present himself to the public.
do you use vdj?

Man are you in for a surprise when you find out who I am and what I have done….


Wedding DJ? are you trying to be funny?

any real DJ would never act like this.. grow the fuck up you 40 yr old.

I only play vinyl you wet behind the ears fucking cunt

if you ever wanna book a show on the west coast, DEFINITELY get your agent to hit me up!
unless your agent is your 12 yr old…

No I will just show up and look for you and we can have a nice discussion about reality.

hahahaha… you’re disgustingly lame

You are incredibly in the dark.

me and 1400 other people
yeah.. i know


im copy/pasting this to our dj group

But really I don’t suggest you drag people into this like a bully would as you need to protect your ass since you can’t fight your own battles

this is awesome

go ahead

you’re gonna be the joke of the month
maybe you’ve drank too much tonight or something…

thats fine. I’ve gone toe to toe with bigger clowns than you and won. no problem with that.

ill give you 24 hours to say sorry

I will give you 1 hour to do some research and then shut up.


but you can blab all you want to your little DJ chat group. Go for it.


thats because its not a real musician/band page.
and I don’t consider FB fans to be the end all be all.


two seconds…

you’re a child.. grow up, get some fans, and come back to talk to me about a show.

fans.. hhahh

until then, you’re a puke.




thats mine


yeah I just started it

fuck off

just a moment please…

stop wasting your time
no fuck off

Bill, you are in for a suprise…

give it to me homie
havent been impressed yet
and even if you show me that you’re a famous dj
i would never even consider booking you because of your shit attitude


and ill make sure everyone else knows too
what the fuck is this

thats a typical response that I get from chicken shits


this is the forums of DI.FM where my mixes have been playing in rotation since 1998.

a paste to a di forum?
1998 bitch
this is 2013
let go of the past

SINCE 1998

you are a loser old school dj
you got no gigs
no one knows your name
you got no new tunes
you got no new mixes
you got nothing

I just released a track 3 weeks ago

tell your friends you are a dj, sure

a new mix a month ago.
check your facts

but dont tell me you are a dj
you are nothing
you just proved it
stop wasting my time
when’s your next gig?
what’s your latest tune?
where’s your last mix?


please answer all 3 above questions before saying anything else

Do you have itunes?

baha… what kind of question is that? are you a dj or not?

latest track released was Harvest Moon, pushed it through the distributor on October 13th, showed up in stores on the 23rd

dj’s dont ask if their listeners have itunes
paste me the link homie

Yes I am a DJ. What kind of question is that?

you’re full of shit
paste me the link

link to where its in 73 stores

otherwise im gonna screenshot this convo and put it on the fail djs blog

you want the google play link? you want the itunes linke? you want what link – there are lots to choose from

73 stores. cool, gimme 1 out of the 73 links…
just one

Google Play

sure google

Xbox Music

sure itunes
maybe beatport?

I hate beatport

maybe rdio?
maybe a real marketplace?

actually it might be on there

you are embarassing yourself again

yeah dude

you’re old…

beatport is bullshit

stop frontin
end it dude
just end it.

just hold up a second there…
why are you so fucking hostile?

im gonna show a whole bunch of DJs and producers this convo…
just end it

go a head


go ahead
no I’m not going to end it

stop frontin

you want to post this conversation somewhere – then fine

what label did you publish your track on?

I can post it somewhere too

which label?

I own my own label and have since 2002
Black Tiger Recordings
here let me get you a link

k so
i just googled it
nothing coming back homie


you’re nothing dude…
stop pretending…


one track?
you’re kidding me right?
this is a joke right?

do you not see the vinyl releases there?

ITS A JOKE i get it now

You are a serious kind of asshole you know that right? you are exactly what is wrong with the scene in BC and elsewhere.

vinyl releases?

yes vinyl


the only thing that counts

no YOU are whats wrong
people like YOU


the faggots who try to pretend

explain why? this will be good.


talk to me like a human instead of this homophobic wannabe ganster shit front

ive got over 50 dj’s from all over the world under my belt, and have throw 2 shows in the last 3 months that had an audience of over 1200 people…

big deal

i dont need to flex to you… but you’re nothing
take your one track and go fly a kite


you’re the problem with the scene you old ass piece of shit


no one gives a fuck about you
go piss all over someone elses parade

No one gives a fuck about smart asses

but in the meantime, my parade is going just fine

especially punk kids who think they are all that.

im not a kid

You certainly don’t act like an adult

im only a few years behind you, which makes this even funnier.

Why is that “funny”?

if you ever wanna be a real dj, or be a part of a real record label or music organization, hit me up and ill teach you.

thats hillarious

“im black tiger recordings!”
dude, google yourself

who knows you and your shit outside of BC?

thats a fuckin joke
oh you have no idea my friend
write my name down

I’m not your friend

and write down “the drop” right under it

in fact I don’t even know why you are on my facebook.

you added me
long time ago

“the drop” who fucking cares about an online radio show

we do irl shows too!

I was doing that shit before ASOt and had a bigger audience than yours

that’s what sets up apart from faggot internet radio stations
you’re old
and you have nothing now but a memory

I stopped doing it because I wanted to stop doing it.

nothing but a bad attitude

to much fucking politics

no, you stopped because you failed
and you’re a crybaby bitch

you just love to insult people don’t you?

my station is going very well

must be nice to have.

we’re worldwide and have djs and listeners from everywhere

been there done that.

thanks for coming out
no you havent

Yeah I have.

you’re a loser with nothing
you tried to be a DJ
but then you got old
and now you’re trying to destroy someone elses schtick because you failed

my station was in iTunes before it was iTunes, I pioneered part of the live streaming technology used in winamp and shoutcast along with the guys at di.fm. Been there done that.

go cut your wrists

moved on

right right

thats really cute

and your record label is really famous too right?
and you’re a famous dj right?
everything you tell me is true right?

it gots its play by the right DJs when we wanted.

i should get your autograph
since your famous and own black tiger recordings
im actually sitting here laughing

You can chuckle all you want.
go ahead

heres a tip homie…
take all that energy that you WANT to put into DJing, and devote it to a proper caus
thats what i did, and now i’ve got The Drop

That’s funny.

i let the kids do the dj’ing

maybe you should listen to some of our material and our mixes before you go all postal.
you might learn a thing or two.
but thats up to you.

our material?
give it to me…

I’m not forcing you.

ill even feature it on the drop if its good…

Well you found the mix cloud of mine
so start there.

give it to me…
no i need current links
within the last 3 months

I highly recommend “Off the Grid” which I recorded in London. That mix is a riot
they are all current

link me

then I suggest you tune into the radio station atwww.blacktigerrecordings.com/trance.pls

i dont see off the grid
i hate trance

you can also find it in iTunes in the radio system under electronic alphabetically listed as Black Tiger Recordings Radio | DJ Lithium

This is a previously un-released mix I did back in 2007 before moving to London for a year and is a variant of “Valkyrie” and “Time Code” mixes that I also released in 2006/2007. It also features a few of our own 12″ record releases on Black Tiger Recordings.
Uploaded 3 weeks ago -
not 3 weeks ago

well your definition of trance is probably seriously skewed
that’s valkyrie
old mix
great mix
but you are only all about the new

Harvest Moon (Original Mix) is a track of mine that I am releasing on the upcoming “Hell Speak” EP on 12″.
This is a dark, deep progressive tech-trance tune dripping with west coast influenced minimal tones and sub bass that will get you grooving.

well, sorry but most new music sucks fucking shit

where is this hell speak EP?

its coming out on 12″
why do you ask?


the Harvest Moon (Original Mix) is out on iTunes/Google and all that other jazz. I have to figure out whats going on with our junodownload account.
Well that depends on which plant is the least busy
normally we press through Rainbo in Los Angles

link me to the mix on itunes and google…

the harvest moon mix?

and all that other jazz…

just a second

k but wait…
before you embarrass yourself any further… lets come to the agreement that you’re nobody
you dont sell mixes on itunes

actually I do

and black tiger recordings released one track

do you not see the 11 vinyl released records on juno.co.uk?
on that imprint alone?
I gave you the links

you’re not famous
you’re not a record label
you’re not a pimp

you can search DJ Lithium in iTunes and you should see a full mix from me called Stateless
Did I ever say I am a “pimp”

and when you piss all over someone elses shit… get ready for war
and you’ve got war now
lets recap

Well you are too lazy to look at the links
so fuck you

you told me that i had no idea who you were

you can be ignorant cunt or you can look at the material

making me think you were some kinda G

your choice

but you’re not

I never made you think anything

you’re a faggot with nothing
and old faggot at that

You are a jackass
I can tell you that with absolute certain.

so stop pissing all over peoples shit, when we’re actually doing stuff for the community

and this is going to look great on facebook
You have demonstrated here that you have no idea what that means if it doesn’t revolve around you and your “the drop”

this whole conversation makes you look like a complete joke… im sorry. if you have some convoluted way of thinking that you’re on top here… wow… lol… have fun peddling that.

Whatever man, I have seen flakes, jack asses and bullies like yourself come and go over the years. It’s always the same fucking story.
Fronting all that
not realizing or bothering to check its all been done before by someone else.

and that’s what you’re so famous and your record label is doing so well…
you’ve really got it figured out it seems!

and then acting all surprised and “you aint shit” when confronted with a volume knob being told to turn your shit down.

you’ve got ‘er figured!
what else friend?

No actually I was hoping you would take the bait there and say something else homophobic again so when I post this everyone can latch on to that.

you’re writing a whole chapter on “what not to say and do”
this is awesome
oh you could try play word games… but the fact is you are a talentless hack with no legs to stand on

Why would I care about what I have to say and do unless I was concerned about being a part of clique that is controlled by power hungry 90210 hack types who think they are all that?

doesnt matter what words i use, you’re embarrassing yourself stlil…

Well I’m going to post it on my facebook page anyway and see what kind of response pops up.

90210 hack types… loool.

Oh, sorry I can’t remember the postal code for VANCOUVER ISLAND.
and the 1400 people who live there.

wut the…

who are all part of your cult

im just gonna walk away from that…

well… take a step back for a second.
you are jumping up and down about your live shows in a region that doesn’t have a hell of a lot else going on.
you have a captive audience

captive audience? you have no idea who my audience is…
and you are fucking making me laugh right now…

I’m not sure you do either.

like im still laughing about the cult thing…
are you gonna wake up tomorrow and sober up and be like “oh fuck, why did i say that?”

I’m completely sober…
are you?

because if so, let’s just end this and ill let you keep your dignity…

Nah, go ahead, do your worst.

if you’re sober… thats WAY more fuckin hilarious

Go for it.
Slap it all over the internet.
I dare you.

i dont have time for your bullshit sir

Don’t call me sir.

go piss on someone elses parade

thinking about that… people who have parades….
always thought parades were kind of fake ass shit..

lol.. what now?
oh boy.. here we go

Go bad to bed Bill

do yourself a favor and go to bed sir
cant take you seriously

I have work to do.

right, get some promos done for black tiger recordings

Send me your address I will mail out copies .

next time you have some real shit, send me a link

new records probably won’t make the pre-christmas pressing deadline at this point.. but hey…. whatever
like beatport?
because that shit is just noise man.

until then, you’re just a fake ass label doing fake ass bullshit

beatport is noise

just noise

it is
lost in the ether

k bro… let’s get one thing straight before we end this


you are a nobody… if you were somebody, beatport would be eating your shit up. not to mention juno, rdio and all the rest of the worthwhile marketplaces…

Has it ever dawned on you that I don’t want that?

you released a 12″ on juno. that doesnt make you famous.
dont want to sell tunes?
shut your doors then.

I don’t want digital DJs playing my stuff.


personally I hate digital DJs

thats funny.

I think digital has ruined it.

hilarious actually.


k great…
then you and black tiger recordings should have great luck.

It’s been good so far.

lemme know next time you drop a track.
its been good?


whats your latest release?
ive already embarrassed you, you wanna keep going?

lots of good DJ support for the stuff we released and the artists we backed got great exposure and some have had great success

k link me
ill fuckin buy a track
just to show my support

I don’t pay much attention to the digital releases so hold on a minute.

another bullshit excuse…
just link me mr black tiger…
stop with your bullshit excuses…
mr “you dont know who i am”


that’s one track

These are tunes from Jani. We broke him out many years ago. he’s had a lot of success with JOOF
where do you get this one track shit from?

jul 2012
are you still being serious with me?

actually thats july 2004

or are you high as fuck and being an idiot?
even better
guess what homie

I’m being completely serious

no one gives a fuck about 2004
thanks for comin out though
what else?

just hold on


linking shit from iTunes is a pain in the ass

holding on
lets face it
you WERE cool at some point
you’re old now
get over it
you’re not a vinyl ninja anymore
drop the name DJ Lithium

And you are not a Jedi yet…

you’re Kelly Myers

what is your point?

haha dude

thats it?

i own my own record label, plus the drop, plus i promote REAL LIVE SHOWS
it hurts right?

I’ve been busy

another excuse, and another reason this is fucking hiliarious
the fuck is this

this is my IMDB page

your time is over…
it’s over…
you did good homie

around the time where we slowed down is when I went heavy into my VFX career

but its over

I’m tired of that so I’m going back to music
why are you so insistent on putting someone down and saying “its over” slit your wrists? You are a sick person you know that?


And end conversation with bill eh.
This is the crap that I put up with, and put up with a lot for simply speaking my mind. Don’t tell me about “PLUR” or the love in the “scene” – there is none. Bill Eh proved it time and time again. This is the state of the “industry” now. I have been into the “scene” since 1989 or so. Started DJing around 1994-1995, and then as DJ Lithium in full around 1997 after spending a few years doing visuals. Needless to say I have been around. Yeah I’m old school, if you want to call it that. But if you are new school like Bill Eh here – then I certainly don’t want to be associated with anything you or he represents and you should be ashamed of yourself if you are.

Now I know we slowed down a bit a few years ago and that was largely due to my schedule working in the VFX industry over the last 5 years or so, but we never went away and we never stopped. What Billy Eh seems to think is that if you so much as breathe for 2 seconds you are obsolete. He also seems to place way too much importance on beatport releases. Like that “makes it a real release” or something. Maybe for new school jerks like Billy Eh who have the attention span of a gold fish (which is clearly demonstrated by this conversation) but in the really real world its just a highschool level popularity contest for people who have the attention span of… well gold fish.

I don’t want my tracks on BeatPort. I don’t want them on TrackitDown either. I don’t want them on any “dj” site for jerks. I’m seriously not wanting to release the tracks from the Hell Speak EP on any DJ download site because why would I want people like this listening to my music? So I can sell copies? So I can sell out?  Why would I want that?
I know full well that most of my fans are people who are NOT a part of the “scene” that Billy Eh here states he’s so a part of and I am not. And you know what? That’s awesome, and I applaud you for it. After all? why would you want to be associated with a low-information EDM goon like Bill Eh?

You know better. You know I know better. So there you go.

5 Responses to “The Drop Radio Owner – Bill 3h. New School Asshole.”

  1. Hi There,
    After following the message thread from Facebook, and then reading the message thread you wrote, I thought I would offer some advice.

    Perhaps, Bill from The Drop should not have written what he did from a professional standpoint, however, defending their position on showing their cultural and world diversification was the only goal.

    Publicly destroying or posting inappropriate commentary only hurts yourself. As a individual who has been in the music industry for 29 years, and had all those years as a success, your comments shade you in a negative light. If you can easily converse in such a light about someone or to someone who owns a growing and successful radio station, how professional can you really be?

    I thought about taking a listen to your beats, but then reconsidered. I can’t support someone who is so disrespectful.

    I am a music producer and talent agent.

    This may be a good reason for you to reconsider taking down your conversation with Bill Speta, and for the record, he will also receive commentary from me as well. Not impressed with your mutual convo, it is destructive and disrespectful to the DJ industry,


  2. Hey Colin.
    Thank you for your note.
    The big issue that everyone seems to skim over is that Bill threatened to post it all in some forum of his. So when he threatened to do that, all bets were off. I beat him to it because I don’t like being threatened by anyone. I don’t give a dam about “professionalism”. When people raise that topic I have to chuckle a bit because I find that people who do bring it up use it like name dropping. It comes off as about the same thing to me. Cock waving.
    Professionals don’t need to tell others they are professionals. They just are.

    Not only that but he made the suggestion that I should slit my wrists. I’ve had a lot of people say some pretty shitty stuff to me, but that’s a little over the top don’t you think? Professionalism went well out the window before hand though.

    I lived in Vancouver for 14 years and I was constantly bombarded with “canadiana” flag waving on a level I can only compare to that of watching nazi propaganda films from the late 1930s. When people put it on flyers, being the ONLY flag there and then the words “GENRE: Dubstep, blah blah” it makes me wonder how great this guy is supposed to be if people have to be told he’s from “canada” and the genres of the material to be played on his show. What? don’t the people who know him know this already? Does having a canadian flag on your ass make you special and extra different?

    The other thing I was trying to get to with Bill was that just because he has a radio station doesn’t make him god. I have one myself and its been running continuously since 1998 and was doing numbers for listeners that Bill is supposedly doing now before this big huge “EDM explosion”. I also had regular spots on Di.FM and AfterhoursDJs.org along with a weekly show called N.A.T.O. that ran for about 45 episodes carried on those stations as well as my own. I’m bringing this up because when we were doing it was a hell of a lot harder to get those numbers than it is today. I didn’t get to that point because no matter what, Bill 3h wouldn’t be able to understand that what he’s done is no big deal.

    I put my DJ career on hold by choice in 2007. Bill seems to think I just “gave up” or whatever I don’t care what he thinks. Now that I am going back to my DJ career people like Bill will always be there to try and shit all over me. I’m used to it. Don’t think for a second though that it discourages me or that I am worried one bit about Bill’s threats to spread whatever he wants about me around. It actually encourages me to do what I have done in the past, all over again. No regrets either.

    I’m curious though – Why would take the time to email me through the website and express your concern for me at all? In addition to this – when you mention that you are music producer and talent agent… What’s that all about? It comes across as a veiled threat quite honestly. Do you want to further explain that part?

    Personally I don’t care what you do or who you are if your intention is to throw around your weight like that. I don’t connect with people at any level whatsoever who do that.
    Why does anyone care what I do? What concern is it of yours if not to threaten me? Like I said I’m just curious.

  3. One last thing – why is it that people want to offer advice to me? I don’t need anyone’s “advice”. Their “advice” is as it sounds… a threat. Plain and simple.

    I’ve dealt with this kind of crap off and on for years (in both the film/TV and music industries – it attracts the same types). What I find is that people who feel threatened tend to offer their advice, sometime while hedging bets.

    In a way this is partially why I backed out of “the scene” in the first place. JOOF emailed me a few times throwing his weight around and I told him the same how I felt about it. I’m not afraid of anyone or afraid of expressing my opinion. So for those of you who are reading, and many of you already know this as you have been listening to me for years and know my various stances on subject matter relating to DJ Culture and the “scene” as they call it – none of this should come as a surprise. After all you wouldn’t want me to sell out now would you? Nope. Didn’t think so.
    Thanks for your support.

    DJ Lithium

  4. Sheese Lithium, that guy bill sure was a arse hole. I remember the night i found you on shoutcast back in march ’98, it was just 3 days after you came online. You had a free FTP server up later on and it would take me all night to grab a set on dail up with bad arse DX100/486 lol.

    I wonder if ya remeber me.

    Madfish (Vermont)

  5. Hey man! I was wondering about you and how you were doing… Feeling better? I hope so.

    Yeah this Bill Eh guy has no sense of history or understanding of the internet radio industry. I found out he streams through one of these dipstick services like mixify… So its not like its really “his” set up. It like saying one own sirrusXM because they have a song playing on one of the stations there.

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